Free Silent Auction Software Allows You To Set Up Your Own Professional Auction Site And Easily Manage Your Charitable Auctions

Is your non profit organization planning its’ first silent auction?  On the other hand, have you run silent auctions before but could use some help in structuring and organizing them more efficiently?  Whatever your situation, our online silent auction applications can help you plan, manage, and conduct your benefit auctions.

A silent auction requires two essential things to be successful: a devoted fundraising staff and donators/bidders to purchase items up for auction.  Auction software offers web-based, easy-to-use applications that can meet or even exceed your needs.

Let’s look at some advantages of our free, web-based auction software, available at

Not only can our auction software facilitate efficiency, participation, and productivity for your organization’s events, but it also offers real-time, multi-user access, hosting your auction “live” on the internet.  With this real-time capability, you can better engage the community and build up your supporters while capitalizing on this wonderful technology.

Working online can help you divide responsibilities between your committee and everyone can be logged on simultaneously to your event website in order to keep track of and work with up-to-the-minute auction data.  Our service will also store and back up your data for you so there are no worries concerning computer crashes or failure resulting in data loss.

Another advantage of our web-based silent auction program is the ability of your donators to make cash donations or pay for auctions online directly to your event or organization.  This greatly reduces paperwork and allows you to receive donations instantly without the hassles of waiting for checks to show up in the mail.  A speedy checkout process is accomplished easily with real-time credit card processing and online receipts.

Instant bidding from people all over the globe is yet another remarkable advantage of our auctions.  With a few clicks, participants can view your different available auctions and bid at will.  No need for bidders to wait all night for each auction item to be presented to them.  By having your auctions online, you can give them immediate access to everything you have to offer.

We also allow you to set up your own auction or storefront free of charge, equipped with your logos, branding, and other images.  You can also add welcome text and other information about your non profit or your auction details.  You easily achieve a professionally designed auction site that is ready for business and contains everything you need for success.

A powerful tool for communication, can aid you in effectively building relationships with supporters. You can let your donators know about new auctions and items or offer to have top donors featured in your organization’s educational or marketing materials.  Being able to reach out to the community effectively is essential to any campaign, because without bidders and supporters, your fundraising events will fail. offers a convenient way to run your auctions from anywhere at any time and provides back end management so you can stay focused on your events.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can run your auctions and stay in touch with supporters no matter where you are!  We handle most of your management tasks as well, such as tracking bids, generating notices to bidders and receipts for purchases, and so forth.

With so many powerful tools available, how can you lose?  Sign up for free now at to start bringing in donations for your charity today!

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